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Put unique technology of liquid silicone products lead the new trend
As the saying goes, "People rely on clothes horse saddle," everyone beauty of the heart, which is full of a variety of popular elements of it in the streets. Wearable products as a new product, because of its innovative design, unique visual effects, has been widespread concern. Now, to promote the development trend is bound to make wearable products bring a huge impact on our lives, perception. 2013 can be said to be dressed in the rise of products, in 2014 the product was worn during the rapid development, and this year and the next few years there may be a period of prosperity worn products. Wearable products will hit, in which liquid silicone plays an irreplaceable role in wearable products, wearing beautiful key depends largely on whether the product is a liquid silicone encapsulating process.
Unique production technology, to create extraordinary quality
Production wearable products more and more enterprises. Increasingly fierce competition, product commonality of homogeneity, resulting in low profit and narrow product market space. The majority of companies have chosen to TPE or PU plastic bag worn appearance of the product as a member, but not in their consideration, resulting in performance and appearance of the product greatly reduced, mainly due to liquid silicone products than TPE and PU superior performance liquid silicone Forming small enterprises in the country and one of the few enterprises are developed in recent years, the production of technology products in the plastic bag may not mature enough.
Reporters in the domestic market also found a few brands use liquid silicone technology, through the layers of visits to know their liquid silicone encapsulating member is from the domestic Shenzhen Jin Hao Electronics Technology Co. The company was informed that 2012 years ago due to lack of technical staff of the company is also producing the eaten a lot of bitterness, from 2012 onwards the company has hired more than ten years in the foreign production of liquid silicone molding experienced foreign engineers the company's technology backbone, also from 2012, the company produces liquid silicone product is technically has been a qualitative leap.
Adhere to quality control, to create a first-class brand
Learned in the market acclaimed Shenzhen City Jin Hao Electronics from the interview, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision molds, plastic products businesses, liquid silicone products. Insist on quality control, the first-class quality products dedicated to everyone adhere to the principles of their company.
Carefully watching the production line busy front-line employees and testing of product quality inspector, reporters understand why Shenzhen City Jin Hao Electronics Co., Ltd. has been out of first-class production and processing products, and establish a good reputation among customers. Cengcengbaguan to quality, excellence of the product, so that they stand out from the competition in liquid silicone.
Innovation and development of ideas, to win the future development
There is a demand there will be market, wearable supplies increasingly catches the eye today, for the enterprise, is an opportunity and a challenge. Enterprises face a rare historical opportunity for development, Shenzhen City Jin Hao Electronics Co., Ltd. with innovative ideas to develop as a driving force for the market to improve product development capabilities as the goal, the establishment of a high starting point, high-level technology development center, insist on doing forward-looking, integrated, market, innovation is the soul as the basis to achieve the perfect combination of innovation and adaptation.
Relying on advanced production technology and scientific quality management system, the company achieved leapfrog development. In the coming days, we have reason to believe Shenzhen City Jin Hao Electronics Co., Ltd. will further enhance its strength and continue to offer better, more complete system of professional products and services.
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