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We made great progress in the development of injection molding machines, advanced level
China's current production of injection molding machine manufacturers more, according to incomplete statistics have been more than 2000. Design of the injection molding machine has a vertical and horizontal. Press to produce the products can be divided into common type and precision injection molding machine. Thermoplastics include polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, polyurethane, polycarbonate, acrylic, polysulfone, and copolymers and the like. From the processing of the product point of view, there are monochrome, color in general and precision plastic products. The main production of these products manufacturers have their own series, each with its own characteristics.
Recalling the history of the development of injection molding machines, injection molding machine industry of technological progress strides, mainly the introduction of reform and opening up began in the technology. Level of domestic injection molding machine, on the whole, behind the international level. 1980s, each manufacturer according to their own circumstances, using a variety of methods, absorption of foreign advanced technology to develop technologically advanced injection molding machines, injection molding machines for the upgrading of our country has made a great contribution to our country to catch up with the injection molding machine the international advanced level.
Ordinary vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine is still the dominant direction of development, its basic structure is almost no major changes, except continue to improve its level of control and automation, reduced energy consumption, manufacturers are developing to a combination of changes in the market direction of the series as a model injection molding machine configuration large, medium and small injection device, a combination of standard and combination, adds flexibility to expand the scope and improve economic efficiency.
Some manufacturers of foreign advanced technology developed still has domestic advanced level of vertical injection molding machine. The method uses a joint venture, it is another effective way of absorbing foreign advanced technology to improve the level of the injection molding machine. The company directly from industrial countries to introduce advanced technology, help systematize absorbing foreign advanced technology. Technology transfer, basically three ways to go above. Throughout the course of the injection molding machine to absorb foreign advanced technology, there are many successful experiences, to be proud, but there are many lessons worth thinking and summary.
Regulation of the production process technology is a necessary way to improve product quality and yield. Since the injection molding cycle itself is very short, if the process conditions handled badly, waste will be coming. When adjusting process is preferably changed only once a condition to observe several times, if the pressure, temperature, time transfer all together, then it could easily lead to confusion and misunderstanding, a problem do not know what reason. Measures adjustment process, means are manifold.
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