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Silicone Injection Molding Machine
Silicone injection molding machine Category:
There are two models of vertical and angle-type, vertical injection machine for the production of various kinds of high-demand, high-precision silicone rubber products; lower cylinder angle type injection machine, the production of composite suspension insulator, post insulator and arrester tradition models.
Silicone injection molding machine Basic features:
Mobile vertical injection triplex balanced structure, a more stable injection force, lower height of the equipment; hanging free injection device, to achieve automatic alignment of the plunger and the barrel of the wear is reduced, only removable vertical rubber injection machine, adhering to the European machine design, use of advanced "FIFO" injection, and rubber machines used in line with the development direction of fixed triplex cylinder balance injection, precision, stability, security, the best precision molded rubber products Choose.
When the best self-cleaning function rubber injection injection cylinder fixed, naturally low shot station Lift stroke back pressure injection loop control large proportion of digital remote control backpressure efficient low-power variable piston pump implementation of European CE safety standard print production data in real-time function plasticizing screw completely open feeding device special silicone rubber plasticizing and injection unit has the best exhaust, transportation, plastics, and other functions, the lack of material pre-alarm function, two-handed operation and efficient low-power hydraulic system advanced Siemens control system international famous brand electrical, hydraulic components
Key Features:
1, LSR materials suitable for high temperature or low temperature environments, at up to 200 ℃ or as low as -40 ℃, insulating properties of materials, mechanical and physical properties remain unchanged.
2, anti-aging gasification and therefore suitable for outdoor applications.
3, excellent insulation properties, suitable for high-quality or high-tech electronic plug.
4, can be sterilized for medical supplies and baby supplies.
5, anti-oil, it can be used in the oil field industry.
Liquid silicone dedicated machine main features:
1. Precision Direct-pressure clamping mechanism ----- ensure even distribution of clamping force and high parallelism;
2. The secondary clamping exhaust function can be configured vacuum machine vacuum function ---- eliminate product trapped air;
3. clamping system uses pressure sensors can achieve precise control loop;
4. Multi-stage precision PID SSR warm electric control system;
5. Thermocouple disconnection detection function ----- ensure the finished good;
6. Timing mold preheating function ----- improve efficiency;
7. High response injection systems and automatic conversion ----- VP product precision and stability;
8. LSR special hydraulic water-cooled sealed plastic ---- the nozzle to prevent the nozzle leakage glue and curing plug Tsui;
9. Special feeding system designs with Germany 2KM ---- feed mixer feed more accurate measurement;
10. A comprehensive anomaly detection shutdown ----- improve worker efficiency to solve the problem;
11. SPC diversified production management chart ----- improve management efficiency manager;
12. Ejector ----- diversification complex molds with different requirements;
13. Choice of standard, single slide, double slide and more lower mold disc machine and other models
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