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The basic flow of vertical injection molding machine loading mode
Die first need to open the door vertical injection molding machine, the mold driving lifted above the height of the visual mold injection molding machine, slow mold injection molding machine in the middle of two templates, slowly lower levels. Then visually mold gate sleeve center line positioning hole injection molding machine, and then move the mold locating ring road positioning holes coincide with the machine, so that the machine hand to promote the mold of tight together, slowly operate the machine and die button until injection machine template completely suppress mold, confirmation from rising pressure to lock the mold. The third plate screws with machine mold, mold slowly, then quickly move to confirm opening stroke, and die slowly, confirm no abnormal ring mold and die tryout.
First make sure the mold release from the mold can be no exception to normal mold and mold, then pressed from the pressure die, with bail fixed mold, driving Diaozhu die, taut little edge, loosen the screw plate, slowly move the injection molding machine template, make sure the mold will not fall, in the injection molding machine quickly open a template, a little afterburner nozzle injection molding machine at a mold sprue bushing top to match the injection molding machine separated and then move the center lane of the mold in the injection molding machine template, slowly lift , higher than the height of the mold machine in a safe zone, mold unloading complete!
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