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Injection molding machine energy-saving application status before the national ranking
Nanfang Daily News
(Reporter / Jin Yanming) Dongguan City as the country's industrialization and centralized city in 2015 to undertake a unit of GDP energy consumption fell by 19.5% of the task. Correspondent November 25, Dongguan City, the letter from the Bureau, so far completed a total upgrade electrical 501,000 kilowatts of energy efficiency, energy-saving injection molding machine Taiwan 3730 Taiwan eligibility criteria, the progress in the national forefront.
Task progress has completed about one-third
City Council by letter of energy-saving and recycling economy Sen Division is responsible for introduction, since 2013 the city has issued a motor energy efficiency improvements and energy-saving injection molding machine Servo-related financial support policies, Dongguan City, proposed in 2015 to enhance the energy efficiency of the motor 180 million kilowatts in 2017 completed 10,000 energy-saving injection molding machine Servo goals, the most important task for the province: "After the completion of the project is expected to achieve annual saving 900 million kwh, equivalent to saving 30 million tons of coal."
City energy use monitoring center responsible 郑泽彬 revealed that at present the complete machine (including the injection molding machine) energy-saving progress of a task has been completed about one-third. Real-time data from the online reporting system, the current motor energy efficiency improvements were completed 501,000 kilowatts, involving more than 430 projects, and the application of energy-saving injection molding machine sets the standard station 3730, the progress in the province's premier.
Recently, the City Council by letter publicized in Dongguan City, the first motor energy efficiency improvements and energy-saving injection molding machine Servo financial incentive scheme, a total of 44 projects will receive a total of 20.6 million yuan reward fund. "If before there are companies waiting to see what come after you hard cash, is expected to be explosive growth, we are confident enough to mandate compliance." Sen said.
Silver government subsidy mechanism introduced risk
While motor transformation itself subsidized, but the use of waste motor too long to start the whole transformation of SMEs have no money how to do? City Commission by letter Bureau official admitted that this task is not a small resistance.
"On the one hand, energy companies worried about energy saving effect of energy service companies, and on the other hand, energy service companies also fear a subsequent payment is not guaranteed. Furthermore, despite the contract energy management and other advanced methods, but also a one-time energy service companies then slowly return of funds invested a lot of pressure. "chairman City Department of energy service companies filing Rong company Kuang-chi told reporters.
Reporters learned yesterday, for the above, the council has developed a program of work related to the establishment of guarantee subsidies and risk compensation special fund way through the City Department of Finance, to encourage banks deeply involved in the field of energy-saving technological transformation of credit business. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank branch in Dongguan has become the first person to eat crab.
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