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Several elements of the injection molding machine mold protection system security protection
As most major production tools, injection molding plant, which determines the shape of the product, specifications, dimensions, appearance finish. Mould materials as steel, generally by former model / rear mold components.
Mold Protection
Security is crucial to protect Since mold has specific characteristics such as vulnerability precision mold and therefore, the overall summarized in the following areas:
1. rust-proof: to prevent mold injection molding machine has a rusting leaking / condensate / rain / fingerprints etc. caused.
2. Collision: prevent mold damaged due to the phenomenon of mold thimble fracture not caused by the rollback in place.
3. Except thorn: prevent mold because cloth wipe / feed punch / hand wipe / outlet clamp touch / knife touch glitches caused by mold.
The missing pieces: prevent mold because of the lack Bar / washers and other parts caused by mold damage during use.
5. Anti-pressure: prevent mold because mold clamping is still residual products caused by crushing.
6. undervoltage: Low voltage protection to prevent mold because of damage caused by excessive pressure.
One result has broken thimble, thimble not rolled back in place, the mold residual products, the lack of a higher damage caused by mold accessories proportions, and because of more frequent occurrence, so more than 85% of the mold damage are thus causes, and mold maintenance costs are generally higher, and therefore how to avoid such situations directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry.
To prevent mold damage caused by production delays and high maintenance costs, but also to better save labor resources, Anqi science and technology through constant research and improvement, the use of machine vision technology has developed a product called "Die protection. "
Die monitor, or mold protection, also known as mold electronic eye, can effectively protect the value of an expensive mold. Expert Luo Baihui mold, injection molding machine mold protection system mounted on the injection molding machine, able to examine whether the product is qualified, and in mold residue before check to prevent mold damage folder. Injection molding machine is running, in each period, expensive molds are probably because of residual or plastic sliders dislocation and danger of damage, Anqi to prevent them from happening, when an abnormality occurs automatically prevent mold closing and alarm.
If you die because there is no effective protection, damage to the mold, we give you the following advice:
Mold maintenance Note:
1. Removing mold, to avoid bumps and watering, moving to be stable.
2. Spray hot mold, then spray a small amount of release agent
3. To conduct a comprehensive inspection of the mold and rust treatment: Carefully dry the cavity, core, and Row ejection mechanism and other parts of water and debris, and spray painting rust and butter mold.
Die Maintenance
Mold in a continuous work process, because the process of movement is likely to cause wear and tear parts, lubricant deterioration, leakage, crushed plastic materials and other issues, the need for mold maintenance.
Mold maintenance is generally divided into routine maintenance and the lower mold maintenance
Die routine maintenance typically includes the following:
1. Regular rust (appearance, PL face, cavity, core, etc.)
2. Periodic re-add a lubricant (top of the organization, line position, etc.)
3. The periodic replacement of wear parts (rod, bolts, etc.)
4. Other areas requiring attention
After the lower mold die maintenance required by a qualified service personnel to remove the mold, the mold cavity, thimble and other professional testing protection.
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