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Market demand for the plastics industry vertical injection molding machine decides how to divide the product category
Vertical injection molding machine in the market also has a very long time, so we should all know vertical injection molding machine is mainly used in plastic industry, mainly used for processing plastic manufactured goods. Then dividing the vertical injection molding machine product categories mainly have to do with it and what, in fact, depend on the needs of the development of the plastics industry and the market.
To introduce concrete, the entire structure of the plastic into amorphous structure and a crystalline structure. Refers to the crystalline structure of the molecular chains between the polymer is aggregated in some way formed plastic. However, the structure of non-crystalline plastic is no obvious melting point, however, mainly due to their low glass transition temperature of the hole as well as the decision itself resistant lines.
So Classification vertical injection molding machine is mainly dependent on the market demand and trends in the plastics industry for the plastics industry for their own product development and improvement, so that the development of vertical injection molding machine product categories and plastics industries are closely related.
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