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Dongguan Enzes Precise Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in injection molding machine design, development, production, sales and services of high-tech enterprises. Since its foundation in 2011, it has adhered to the spirit of service first and quality first, combined with industry bodies, motors, computers, oil of advanced technology to create in line with customer’s requirements of injection molding machines and automobile equipments.   
Enzes has a world-wide sales network, which products are definitely the best choice of the manufactures specialized in rubber electronic components, automobile parts, consumer goods, medical supplies, medical instruments, sports equipments and variety of containers etc… Apart from the original Asia market, it has successfully broken into the Europe and other overseas markets.
 Enzes set up a new factory in Dongguan Huangjiang in August 2014, to expand production and provide the best service, and won the recognition of the industry. We expect that we can become the most professional injection molding machine and automated equipments manufacturer.

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